BenevoLab Charter

This Charter describes the mission and principles driving Benevolab’s actions.

It is meant to ensure that BenevoLab’s mission is respected. All parties involved in carrying out the association’s mission (permanent staff, board members, volunteers, partners and donors) will have this charter brought to their attention and must commit to respecting it.

The Charter will be updated periodically in order to ensure that its content is consistently aligned with BenevoLab’s objectives and its principles.

I – Mission

The actions carried out by BenevoLab fall within the framework of BNP Paribas’ Corporate Social Responsibility.

BenevoLab’s mission is to encourage skills-based volunteering with partners, beneficiaries, microfinance institutions and actors in the social and solidarity-based economy.

The volunteers are predominately BNP Paribas Group employees, but can include retired employees or individuals from outside the Group. Applications must be approved by at least one of the association’s representatives.

II –BenevoLab’s commitments

BenevoLab connects volunteers willing to share their expertise with partners/beneficiaries who need technical assistance.

BenevoLab commits to presenting partners/beneficiaries with volunteers, which equates to an obligation to provide the means.

The volunteers selected by BenevoLab are qualified in a particular area of expertise required by the partner/beneficiary and defined in its mission statement (”terms of reference”) and they have expressed interest as well as availability for the assignment. The partner/beneficiary chooses amongst the candidates presented by BenevoLab.

With regard to its volunteers, BenevoLab commits to:

1. Inform volunteers on its mission, the project content, the main objectives for the year, the internal set up and the overall breakdown of responsibilities within the organisation,

2. Respect the confidentiality of volunteers’ personal information,

3. Facilitate appropriate meetings with management, other volunteers, permanent staff and partners/beneficiaries,

4. Treat volunteers as fully-fledged partners,

5. Entrust volunteers with assignments in keeping with their expertise, motivations and availability,

6. Approve the assignments, responsibilities and activities provided by the partners/beneficiaries.

BenevoLab reserves the right to put an end to a volunteer’s assignment, with the provision of reasonable notice.

 With regard to partners/beneficiaries, BenevoLab commits to:

1. Put forward volunteers whose profile, expertise and availability match the expectations set out in the terms of reference,

2. Respect the confidentiality of all information shared as part of the assignment,

3. Not to publish or communicate any information (name, logo, case studies) without prior consent and validation of all content,

4. Not to use any information or photos provided for commercial use.

III – Volunteer’s commitments

The decision to volunteer is a matter of free choice. Therefore, no relationship of subordination applies between BenevoLab and its volunteers under labour law. Nevertheless, this does not preclude the respect of certain principles.

The volunteer commits to:

1. Adhere to BenevoLab’s “mission” and comply with its objectives,

2. Respect BenevoLab’s organisation, operations and internal rules, as well as the rules in effect in the partner/beneficiary organisation,

3. Fulfil his/her assignment effectively and in line with the timeline and availability agreed upon jointly with the partner/beneficiary,

4. Complete the agreed assignment and provide formal feedback, in the form of a written report, within the agreed time frame. Should the volunteer be prevented from respecting his/her commitment for any reason, he/she commits to inform both the partner/beneficiary and the BenevoLab’ representative in a timely manner,

5. Carry out his/her assignment with due respect to others’ beliefs and opinions,

6. Not to, under any circumstances, draw any financial gain from the assignment, whether directly or indirectly, personally or for the association, company or any third party,

7. Ensure the confidentiality of all documents and information related to the assignment and commit not to disclose, outside the strict framework of BenevoLab, any information, studies, projects or achievements that he/she is made aware of whilst being involved in the assignment,

8. Respect the partner/beneficiary organisation and its rules,

9. Cooperate and collaborate with others from BenevoLab, management, permanent staff and other volunteers at the partner/beneficiary organisation,

10. Contribute to the development of BenevoLab through case studies and testimonials on completed assignments (photos, articles), subject to the prior agreement of the partner/beneficiary.

IV – Partner/ beneficiary engagement

1. Respect BenevoLab’s values and principles,

2. Treat the volunteer as a fully-fledged member of the team,

3. Clearly and precisely instruct the volunteer on his/her assignment, the objectives as well as the internal organisation of the partner/ beneficiary,

4. Entrust the volunteer with an assignment in line with his/her expertise, expectations and availability,

5. Offer the volunteer all necessary coaching, training, assistance and appropriate logistical support to successfully complete the task at hand,

6. Help the volunteer to integrate and flourish within the team,

7. If needed, organise meetings to broach any challenges encountered,

8. Ensure the volunteer is covered by adequate insurance during the assignment,

9. Participate in meetings organised by BenevoLab at the end of the assignment,

10. Contribute to the development of BenevoLab by approving volunteers’ testimonials on their assignments or by directly promoting the value of BenevoLab’s assignments.

It should be noted that the assignments carried out by the volunteers constitute the resolution of problems faced by the partners/beneficiaries. The advice dispensed and solutions put forward are based on the information provided to the volunteers. It remains the partner/beneficiary’s responsibility to take the advice on board and decide whether to follow the recommendations or not.

Non-compliance with this charter, whether by the volunteer and/or the partner/beneficiary, may result in the termination of the relationship with BenevoLab.