The General Terms and Conditions of User of the BenevoLab Internet site

Article 1: Acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions of Use

The use of the Internet site (the “BenevoLab Site”) and the services offered on the BenevoLab Site (the “Services”) are governed by these General Terms and Conditions of Use (GTCU).

The Services offered on the BenevoLab Site are intended for candidate volunteers and beneficiary organisations/partners (the “Users”).

The very fact of accessing and using the BenevoLab Site or the Services, on an occasional or regular basis, warrants acceptance of all of the clauses of these GTCU.

BenevoLab is free to amend these GTCU at any time.Accordingly, the User should refer to the current version on line of the GCTU on the date of his/her access to the BenevoLab Site.

Article 2: Intellectual Property

The BenevoLab site is the exclusive property of the Association BenevoLab.

BenevoLab holds the intellectual property rights over the original elements making up the BenevoLab Site.As an exception to that which precedes, other content on the BenevoLab Site remains the exclusive property of the respective authors thereof (logos and other items displayed) and are published on the Site by BenevoLab with the authorisation of the holders of the said rights.

It is specified that the Users of the Site are solely responsible for complying with the rights of third parties vis-à-vis the content of videos, photos or other content that they send to Association BenevoLab with a view to having it published on the BenevoLab Site.

Users undertake not to publish or to transfer content that contravenes copyright, brand, patents or other intellectual property rights held by third parties.

Any reproduction, representation, distribution or redistribution, total or partial, of the content, brands, logos, photos, images, texts and original content published on the BenevoLab Site, using any process whatsoever, without the express and prior authorisation of the Association BenevoLab and/or, if applicable holders of rights there over, is forbidden and shall constitute infringement of intellectual property rights with is punishable in terms of articles L 335-2 et seq. of the Intellectual Property Code.

Article 3: Protection of personal data

Personal information/data collected is processed and recorded by the Association BenevoLab, as the party responsible for such processing, for the sole purpose of managing the Services offered on the BenevoLab Site. It can be used for the purpose of emailing Users information on missions, publications and news relating to the BenevoLab Site.

BenevoLab undertakes not to share or to disclose personal information except when it is required to do so by a court authority or by the law.

Individuals concerned may exercise their right to access, correct or raise objections with regard to this personal information/data in the conditions set out by Law n° 78-17 of 6 January 1978, as amended, pertaining to information technology, data and freedom, by simply writing to: BenevoLab, 22 avenue de l’Opéra, 75002 Paris.

When accessing the BenevoLab Site, cookies are automatically stored via the User’s browser on his/her computer with a view to keeping a browsing history.

This information enables servers to recognise the User whenever he/she visits the site and accordingly to speed-up searches and establish browsing statistics.

Users can at any time block the use of cookies by resetting their internet browsers.

Article 4: Services offered on the BenevoLab Site

The BenevoLab Site is intended to promote Association BenevoLab and its activities..

The BenevoLab Site provides the opportunity to skilled people who wish to volunteer to provide technical assistance services for projects offered by players in the areas of microfinance and social economy and charity (the “Projects”), to apply on line as candidate volunteers.

Beneficiary organisations/partners can publish the details of Projects (Terms of Reference) for which they are seeking volunteers on line.It is however specified that BenevoLab will only put these missions on line following an advance vetting process.

Any use of the BenevoLab Site for advertising and commercial purposes is forbidden.

Article 5: Users’ Undertaking

Users undertake not to publish or to transfer data containing viruses or any other type of code, file or programme aimed at intercepting, damaging, interrupting or otherwise limiting the smooth running of the BenevoLab Site or any other IT hard- or software required for running the BenevoLab Site.Users also undertake not to publish or to transmit content which constitutes promotional material that has not been authorised by Association BenevoLab, specifically spam and chain letters or any other commercial and/or promotional use.

Users undertake to provide correct and up-to-date information when submitting applications on the BenevoLab Site and not to register third parties.

Users undertake to comply with the General Terms and Conditions of Use of the BenevoLab Site.

Additionally, Volunteer Users undertake to comply with the BenevoLab Charter which is available on the BenevoLab Site.

BenevoLab reserves the right to exclude Users who do not comply with these undertakings or the provisions of the GTCU.

Article 6: Volunteer Stories

Volunteer Users understand and agree to the publication on the BenevoLab Site of content that they submit to Association BenevoLab for this purpose.Accordingly, they should take great care to ensure the accuracy of the information that they communicate.

Article 7: Liability

Notwithstanding the care taken by Association BenevoLab in the choice of information published on the Site and on updates of such information, it is possible that errors, imprecisions or omissions may occur.Association BenevoLab does not guarantee the accuracy and comprehensiveness of information published on the Site.

Association BenevoLab shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage that may stem from the access or use of the BenevoLab Site or Services proposed on the Site or for damage or a virus that could affect the User’s computer or other IT hardware.

Information, images, logos, brands and videos put on line, along with the points of view expressed on the site fall under the full responsibility of the beneficiary organisations/partners, the volunteers and the external contributors responsible therefor.

External Internet sites may reference the BenevoLab Site or be referenced by it in the content published.The existence of such links in no way constitutes an endorsement on the part of Association BenevoLab with regard to these sites.

Article 8: Governing law

These General Terms and Conditions of use are governed by French law, as is the content of the BenevoLab Site.All Users of the BenevoLab Site acknowledge the jurisdiction of the French courts with regard to all matters concerning the content and the use of the BenevoLab Site or the Services or any claims stemming therefrom.