BenevoLab offers everyone the opportunity to volunteer their skills to MicroFinance Institutions (MFI) and international Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) working on projects with a high social and economic impact.

Originally dedicated to furthering microfinance, it has now widened its mission to help other players in the Social and Solidarity Economy.

The action of BenevoLab in Paris is relayed through a network of branches, progressively created in some of the countries where the BNP Paribas group is present With over 400 volunteers coming from every business line in the BNP Paribas group as well as from elsewhere, BenevoLab enables technical assistance missions to be successfully conducted in around 30 countries.


The association now has about fifty partners, including ten MFI networks.

By supporting the microfinance and social entrepreneurship sector, BenevoLab aims to make it easier for volunteers to work with players whose economic model combines social impact and sustainability.

With all their diverse expertise (financial, accounting, legal, IT, HR, communication …) the BenevoLab volunteers, who are mainly still working people, have a strong capacity for adapting to all types of economic, social and cultural environments.

It is their abilities combined with their personal qualities that enable them to understand the issues involved, and to conceive and provide appropriate solutions for the needs.

This results in a spirit and a savoir-faire driven by the desire to pass on skills, to share expertise and to make a positive contribution together to ethical projects, as well as to create social ties between the beneficiaries and the volunteers.

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Download the activity report (2014)

RA-MFSF-2014-VA-12014, a year of development and transition for MFSF, dedicated to strengthening our initiatives in favour of the Social and Solidarity Economy. In 2014, the missions carried out by MFSF volunteers, whether retired or still working, provided its partners with the most appropriate solutions for their different problems…